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Why should I refer my client to RBAC?

By providing your client with an alternative source of financing, your relationship with them will strengthen

  • RBAC can provide to your clients with the financing that is looking for
  • We provide Technical assistance helping your client improve credit score and becoming bankable
  • As your client’s credit improves, the account returns to you for financing
  • A Loan Consultant will follow up directly with you on every referral
  • RBAC can help your client with a bridge loan
What can RBAC offer my client?

Flexible requirements so that your client can establish credit and expand their business

  • Loans can be granted despite derogatory, limited, or no credit history
  • Loans to business owners with past bankruptcy (at least 2 year post-discharge)
  • Start-up loans
  • Commercial Real State Fix interest Rate for 20 Years.
  • Heavy Duty Equipment
  • Turn around time of 10 business days
  • Microloans up to $35,000 As low as 8% up to % years financing
  • Individualized credit training and free business advisory services
How can I better prepare my client for working with RBAC?
Share information about RBAC with your client
  • Reinforce the importance of establishing good credit so that your client can become “bankable”
  • Let your client know that collateral as well as a cosigner/guarantor (a friend or family member with good credit and a steady source of income willing to sign on the loan) may be required.
  • Prepare your client for RBAC’s interest rates being higher than the banks’, but much lower than the alternatives; such as street lenders, Credit Cards and fringe banking institutions.
  • Let your client know that we will ask for documentation such as bank statements, business lease, tax returns and possibly verification of the loan use.
How can I make a referral?
  • Call our community outreach officer 609-587-1133
  • Fax us a Bank Referral Form: (609) 587-1313
  • E-mail a Bank Referral Form to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.